Sustainable & Ethical


We invest all our time and effort in building a familiar and approachable fashion brand focused on apparel made ethically as sustainably made as possible.   

Our values:

- fair and local production in Europe
- sustainable and innovative materials - designed for circularity
- beautiful pieces, where e
ach piece is unique and different.

Designed for circularity

Our goal is to create light pieces to the body, feminine and sustainable, pleasant to the touch, ethical made that magical sensation. For this we believe that the perfect mix is to combine pieces made 100% natural, with our own style and essence, with which we feel beautiful, feminine and natural, that balance is key.

We implement our philosophy compromisingly every step, from the natural-bio fabrics to the eco-friendly practices, to the ethical production.


Our target group are people looking for high quality and fair alternative to fast fashion. In addition to the desire to wear fashion without a guilty conscience, unique and heritage, a modern and timeless design with special details is in the foreground.


Also knowing who is behind the brand, who made the clothes, its components.