Why would someone support your project? 

Because without your help this project won't see the light. We have not used any financial assistance so far - we paid everything ourselves from the start. The fixed costs have financed themselves through the monthly earnings. For the next step, however, support is urgently needed. We have the knowledge, now we need the support! 


Also, supporting local you know who is making your clothes, the people and story behind, you enjoy a connection you would not otherwise have. 

Supporting local businesses is good for the environment* from the fabric we use to the label and wrapping of our packaging, everything is handmade, with great care and detail-

When you support local business, you get a better level of quality, as well as helping make your community a better place to live. This is in addition to the benefits to access to unique products that you usually can’t find with chain locations.


Finally, our clothing is incredibly beautiful, looking for high-quality fashion that combines all aspects of sustainability and looks great - and helps us make the world a little bit better every day.


What happens with the money if financing is successful?

With your economical support, we will finance:

  • Design & new patterns (20%)

  • Sustainable and BIO fabrics from Europe (20%)

  • Ethical manufacturing in Barcelona (20%)

  • Sustainable packaging - organic cotton bags made in Germany (10%)

  • Shipping (10%)

  • Marketing (10%)

  • Others (10%)





What are the targets and who is the target group?


We want to contribute to the change of the fashion market sustainably. For us, there are three important aspects of sustainability that we have still missed in the fashion market:


- fair and local production

- sustainable and innovative materials

- unique pieces


Our aim is to make unique clothing accessible to ALL women.  Where fashion and sustainability go hand by hand, in mix with temporality and craftsmanship, always seeking femininity and sophistication. For this we believe that the perfect mix is to combine pieces made 100% natural, with our own style and essence, with which we feel beautiful, feminine and natural, that balance is key.


We implement our philosophy compromisingly in every step, from the bio fabric, sustainable production, to the unique prints produced in Europe, to the shipping with recycled adhesive tape.


Our target group are people looking for high quality and fair alternative to fast fashion. In addition to the desire to wear fashion proudly, knowing who is behind the brand, who made the clothes, its components.