About me.

Jessica Paz (31 years old)

I was born in Cuba, but I have grown up between Medellin and Girona, and now settled in Munich since 8 years ago.


Mom of 2, wife, creative, coffee lover, traveller and enthusiastic entrepreneur. On the journey to slow and mindful living.

Graduate in Law Degree (University of Girona, Spain 2011)

Tamarindo is an ethical and fair fashion brand, worry about sustainability and conscious clothing, using high-quality sustainable materials.

All our products are handcrafted one-off pieces. Ethically sourced and promoting social sustainability. They have an important social context behind, a real history, that makes them unique and different. No one is alike.


Tamarindos Collective is a feminine, sophisticated and timeless brand. 

Our Identity. This collection is intended for a bohemian woman, female, who seeks quality materials and sustainable production.

Inspired by our trips to beautiful Cuba, its people and music, landscapes, the Southafrican light, the wonderful fabrics of the Middle East.

The manufacturing process has been carried out in a tiny Atelier, in the heart of Girona (Spain). From the hand of our modiste, Elena.