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'Tamarindo' created by Jessica Paz. A creative & entrepreneur, graduated in Law.

Passionate about fashion and sustainability.


Tamarindo, was born in a trip to Mexico. For me is more, Is a story, from my experiences, travels, people that I met on the way, sensations, fabrics, music, food, culture and tradition.

This first collection brings together the things that I found out and represent them. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and I want to discover all the stories behind them.

We are also working to build a new social relationship with a social project in Guatemala, Peru & Cuba where artisans have an important role. You can see more on www.tamarindoapparel.com 

Committed to focusing on Slow Fashion

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Using the finest sustainable and Bio fabrics to produce clothes with a purpose, combining with ethical practices, fear waves and great working conditions.

A 100% handmade process, giving the piece that human touch.

Proud to say that we are cut & sewing in Girona, Catalonia. 

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